Best Dental Blogs to Follow

Checking out these top dental blogs is the perfect way to kick back, sharpen your expertise, and stay motivated throughout the year.

After a little time away, getting back into the swing of things at the office is always a bit difficult.

Those to-do's you jotted down for the first week back seem foggy, you can't keep straight all the office resolutions you set to meet this year's goals, and the surge of marketing strategies and recall campaign ideas from a couple of weeks ago seemingly disappeared.

One easy fix is to catch up on all the dental blogs you may not have time to read.

Like a runner who recovers by jogging a few miles here and there, setting aside some time to read the top dental blogs gives you some much-deserved downtime while keeping you "in shape" for the office. Because you know that when you walk through your office's front doors that first day back, you'll need to hit the ground sprinting.

So you don't have to spend hours sifting through all the thousands of dental blogs out there, we spent a few weeks scouring the internet for the best dental blogs we could find. And here's what we liked most. Hope you enjoy!

Dental Organization Blogs

New Dentist Blog

Run by the New Dentist Committee of the American Dental Association (ADA), New Dentist "serves as the voice of the new dentist." It's stocked with resources, news, and insights for new dentists and dental students.

Mouth Healthy

The ADA consumer's blog, Mouth Healthy hosts a library of articles, tips, and FAQs for consumers. And its organization, such as finding articles by life stage, makes it super easy to find what you're looking for.

Oral Health Foundation

With timely posts on reducing cancer risk to maintaining good oral health as a working adult, Oral Health Foundation's blog lines up perfectly with its mission: to ensure better oral health for all.

AADOM blog

The blog from the American Association of Dental Office Management earns major kudos for its appreciation of the heroes who make dental offices run: office managers. The blog's famed member spotlight series illuminates what life is like for some of the most successful, motivated office managers.

Professional Development Blogs

T-Bone Speaks

Dental expert Tarun Agarwal, DDS, (aka "T-bone"), a proud RevenueWell customer, helps "dentists achieve [their] dream practice by going from have a dental practice to having a dental business." His blog is an extension of that ambition. Inspiring, versatile, and relevant, this dental blog dives into clinical setups, office design inspiration, and hard-knock lessons learned.

Off the Cusp

Created in 2011 by Patterson Dental, Off the Cusp "keeps dentists on the cutting edge of developments across the dental industry." And its categories prove it: this friendly, communal dental blog addresses everything from dental equipment and products to office design and human resources.

RevenueWell Blog

We like to joke that our blog is the best thing to happen to dentistry since the toothbrush. All playing aside, we've really put a lot of effort into the RevenueWell blog over the past year, and it's only going to continue getting better. Our blog is populated with everything from management and marketing tips to guest posts to webinars. Basically, anything that will help you and your team get 1% better every day.

Dentistry IQ

Describing itself as "the web's most comprehensive resource for dental professionals,” Dentistry IQ leaves no team member behind. It publishes posts for dentists, hygienists, assistants, and office managers. And it covers news on the industry, products, clinical practice, practice management, and professional development.

Ask Dr. Spindel

The blog of  Lawrence Spindel, DDS, has earned big-time praise over the years, and for good reason. Recognized by The Washington Post and Value Penguin, Ask Dr. Spindel offers practical, engaging advice with a tone that's both personal and professional.

Go Ask Fred

Written by Fred Joyal, Go Ask Fred touts itself as "the ultimate blog for dental practice marketing." This dental blog includes inspiring, fearless posts on how to elevate dentistry and why it's okay to stop talking to patients.

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Blogs for Dental Students

Ignite DDS Blog

Fresh and super-well-organized, Ignite DDS's blog tackles some of the biggest issues facing dental students, like paying off dental student loans and understanding the latest innovations. With over 50 pages of articles and other types of content, its in-depth posts are like real-life cheat sheets for today's dental students.

Mouthing Off

Both empowering and practical, the American Student Dental Association's blog publishes a ton of great content for dental students. Mouthing Off publishes three posts a week that address dental students' biggest concerns, like finance, networking, and leadership.

Go Dental

Created by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), ADEA Go Dental spans the educational journey for dental students. Its writers include admissions officers, practitioners, dental students, and financial advisors. Between them, they cover critical topics like dental school applications, financial aid, life as a dental student, and dental careers.

Pediatric Dental Blogs

Polkadot Pediatric Dentist

The cute, soft-on-the-eyes design makes Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry one of the dental blogs you'll go back to over and over. Full of posts tailored for its locale, like "Grocery Guide for Healthier Teeth in Alpharetta, Georgia," it serves as a fantastic example of a blog that truly knows its audience.

revenuewell blog

General Dentistry Blogs

The Teeth Blog

The Teeth blog is a comprehensive website on all things dentistry. It works for patients just as well as it does professionals. Many parts of it are useful as consumer reports — researching the best teeth aligners, etc. It's also a useful site to direct your patients to if they need a little more info on treatments — the difference in Lumineers and veneers, or the differences in veneer types, for example.

Seasons of Smiles

This private practice's dental blog has a bold mission: "have the blog in the world." Its posts reflect that ambition. Written by the entire team, including the practice owner, Norman Medina, DDS, Seasons of Smiles' posts examine fascinating topics perfect for the internet, like "What are black triangles?"

123 Dentist Blog

The blog over at 123 Dentist isn't just any old dental blog. It's a prime example of a polished but still friendly patient-education resource. It covers traditional subjects, like the facts and myths about flossing, but it also dives into rarely covered topics, like whether cold and flu medicines affect oral health and what Digital Smile Design is.

90210 Dentist

Run by the dentist for Hollywood celebs, like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Robert Downey, Jr., the blog at 90210 Dentist earns five stars. Specific and practical aren't words you normally associate with Hollywood, but that's exactly what this blog is. It helps patients take their oral health game up to the level of A-listers. It also debunks so many of the gossip-like myths that create anxiety.

Reena Wadia

Reena Wadia, a British dentist with a specialization in periodontal care, achieves the trifecta with her dental blog: it's gorgeous, comprehensive, and useful. It's also incredibly focused, with its series of posts centered on updates to periodontal-disease classifications as a perfect example.

Air Force Dentistry from College to Captain

This dental blog's publishing (in)frequency can't take away from its incredible insights. Run by Matthew Lee, DDS, the blog delivers a personal and complete account of what life is like as an Air Force dentist through the eyes of a Health Professions Scholarship Program student.

DSO Blogs

1st Family Dental

This dental blog from DSO, and RevenueWell customer, 1st Family Dental answers all the questions that patients have but may or may not ask. By providing great answers to frequent or intriguing questions, like "Do I Need to Replace a Missing Tooth?" 1st Family Dental shows off its expertise and its understanding of its patients.

Word of Mouth blog

Run by the DSO Dental Associates, Word of Mouth has incredible breadth. It covers general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, specialty dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and oral health and wellness.

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