Become an FFS Dental Patient Magnet

In this webinar, Carolyn Barth, CEO of Digital Content Strategy, shows us how just a little brand consistency and the right mix of promotion can help you acquire more FFS dental patients.

Attracting fee-for-service (FFS) dental patients to your practice is no cake walk. Competition for them is high, and they're quick to jump from practice to practice based on price alone.

But guess what? Your practice has the power to appeal to this type of patient — and you don't need a massive marketing team to do it.

In fact, says Carolyn Barth of Digital Content Strategy, a PR agency for dental offices, the volume of FFS dental patients in your practice can grow if you do these three things:

  1. Use a consistent brand in your marketing and within your office
  2. Tell a story that your patients and your community can and will share
  3. Earn recognition from the media for that story

So how do you accomplish each of these? Check out this webinar to learn!

What You'll Learn

According to Carolyn, the very first step to becoming an FFS dental patient magnet is to recognize you're not just any dental office — you're the best around! You have your own brand of dentistry and your own stories to share.

Once you realize that, the next step is to make sure your patients know about it.

And that's exactly what Carolyn breaks down during this webinar. Using practical ideas and inspiring examples, she walks through how you can ensure your unique brand reaches the FFS dental patient world!

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to audit your brand online to make sure its consistent
  • How to collect online reviews once your brand audit is complete
  • Why "sharable" stories are so important in dentistry today
  • How to find your stories that will make new FFS patients listen
  • What one doctor did to share his practice's story to thousands
  • Why "PESO" is an acronym no dental office should forget

Enjoy the Practice Perfect webinar below!

Webinar: Become an FFS Dental Patient Magnet

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