5 Reasons to Utilize an All-in-One Dental Marketing and Patient Communication Platform

Old habits die hard, which is why we know how difficult it can be to give up a system that you know works, even if it comes with its challenges. But when it comes to your marketing and patient communication software, compromising on outdated systems simply due to familiarity could be costing your practice time, money and even patient relationships.

If you’re thinking about how to improve your practice’s profitability, or even just weighing your options, check our list of the top reasons why RevenueWell Marketing Platform’s all-in-one solution can benefit your practice:

1. Streamline your Operations  

How many times a day do you need to go back and forth between platforms to access the information you need to get your work done? Think about all the additional time spent updating passwords, making payments and other menial tasks that need to be repeated on each platform and it can be frustrating to feel you’ve wasted so much effort and energy on smaller tasks. Plus, significant data problems from syncing between separate applications can be detrimental on a particularly busy day. An all-in-one solution rids you of these annoyances by allowing for better workflow (no more switching between tabs) and improved organization with all of your information stored in one place.

2. Save Money

Paying for a few different software applications doesn’t seem so bad at first. It’s no secret that many of us subscribe to more than one streaming service for tv shows and movies. But what if you were paying for multiple streaming services only to watch the same shows on all of them? That cost adds up quickly, and if you’re able to access all the shows (or in our case, tools and information) you need in one place, why not do it to save some money? Choosing an all-in-one software solution frees you of additional expenses and limits the number of transactions your practice needs to keep track of each month.

3. Reduce Training Times

Each time you onboard a new staff member, you’ll likely have to dedicate hours to training them on all of the different software platforms used by your practice. Instead of taking the time to learn multiple solutions, RevenueWell’s all-in-one solution is easy to get the hang of and relieves your practice of the need for additional software applications. With just one platform to learn, your new employees can get onboarded faster and begin making valuable contributions to your front office team.

4. Improve Security

Utilizing multiple software applications at your practice means your practice data is spread across different vendors. While most don’t believe they will be the next victim of a cybersecurity attack or data breach, it happens more often than you think. Even if you haven’t yet experienced these issues at your practice, a surprising number of dental software solutions are not HIPAA compliant, putting your patients’ medical records in jeopardy. Narrowing down your usage to a single, HIPAA compliant all-in-one software solution like RevenueWell greatly reduces the risk of a threat to your practice, and you’ll know exactly who to get in touch with if the worst were to happen rather than tracking down multiple support lines.

5. Create a More Scalable Practice

When data is stored on different software platforms, a common result is that team members end up entering the same data in multiple locations. Not only does this result in staff duplicating their efforts but accessing different pieces of data from individual platforms can slow down even the most productive workdays. With additional time already slotted for employees to manage each software platform, your practice’s potential for increased productivity and growth is inhibited.

Why RevenueWell’s All-In-One Solution works:

RevenueWell Marketing Platform was specifically designed with dental practices in mind, meaning our ability to read ADA codes and sync with your practice management system simplify practice operations while remaining HIPAA Compliant. As an all-in-one solution, RevenueWell replaces the need for 3-4 different applications running on your desktop, helping staff to stay organized while saving your practice time and money. Plus, with RevenueWell’s automation features, you can get more done in the day with added time to focus on patients.

Interested in learning more about how RevenueWell’s all-in-one solution can help you have easier, more productive workdays? Schedule a demo