Win in 2023: How to set and track your practice performance goals

Erika Pusillo, Practice Optimizer at Spodak Dental Group, breaks down her proven strategies for setting their dental practice up for success each year. Learn her annual process for working with her dentist to set goals, how she gets the entire staff bought in, and the steps she takes throughout the year to track performance while keeping top-tier patient care at the heart of it all.

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What's Covered?

  • Relevant goal setting
  • Understanding what success looks like at your practice
  • Identifying growth opportunities and their potential impact on the practice
  • Proven marketing campaigns to help crush your goals with RevenueWell

Senior Product Manager Bri Borchardt wraps up with a quick dive into how RevenueWell works to gather all of your practice performance data into one dashboard so you always know how you’re tracking.