Teledentistry Software Solutions That Keep You Connected to Patients

Video conferencing for teledentistry that delivers a reliable, safe, and secure connection to your patients. Seamlessly integrates into your practice workflow and enables you to do a quick follow-up consultation or to triage patients that may require immediate care for a safer, more productive visit for patient, doctor, and staff.

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the benefits to you

Reduces the Overhead and Risk of Non-Essential Visits

Through video-conferencing, quickly determine whether your patient requires an immediate, in-office visit or whether it’s a situation that can be scheduled and treated

Improves Patient Experience and Satisfaction

Provide immediate attention and care to your patients with real-time video communications

Improves Health Outcomes and Accessibility to Those in Need

Reach patients that would otherwise forgo a trip to the dentists office

High Definition Video and Audio

High quality video and audio to provide a near, in-person experience

HIPAA Compliance and Security 

Secure and HIPPA compliant solution to protect you and your patients

Integrated Seamlessly with Your Patient Data 

Launch a video directly from your patient profile within Messenger 

Mobile Ready 

Supported by all major browsers, our responsive design enables you and your patient to connect with a mobile device

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