Dental Education Videos for Waiting Rooms TVs

Patient Connect TV is an operatory and waiting room television service that helps you make the most of your time with each patient.

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the benefits to you

Changing the Waiting Room Game

Broadcast your best patient reviews, educational content, practice offerings, and social media feed. Give your practice a boost, and give patients one more reason to smile!

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Improve Case Acceptance

Use Patient Connect TV to inform on a deeper level. Teach patients about treatments via professionally produced videos, designed to take the fear out of dentistry and make patients comfortable with your prescribed treatment.

Promote Your Elective Offerings

When is the last time a patient proactively asked you about veneers? How about clear aligners or cosmetic bonding? Most of your patients know little about modern dentistry or the breadth of services you provide. Patient Connect TV makes these conversations flow, resulting in stronger patient relationships and higher production.

Shorten Perceived Waiting Time

Short wait times are a proven driver of patient satisfaction, leading to more referrals and great online reviews. Patient Connect TV makes time in your reception area fly with fast-paced content, like celebrity interviews, dental trivia, news updates, and other segments that appeal to a broad demographic.

Reduce Patient Anxiety

Our programming provides a positive, reassuring backdrop to the patient’s brief time in the waiting area. No Judge Judy, semi-offensive talk shows, or recirculated news coverage of some looming natural disaster. Your patients arrive in the chair more relaxed for their procedure and more receptive to your advice.

Why It’s Awesome

Waiting Rooms Done Better

Quality Content

Broadcast trusted, accurate, and entertaining programming in HD.

New Programming

New videos are automatically delivered to your TV each day as they become available.


Subtitles Available

Videos can be played without sound if it suits your office environment.

Practice-Specific Programming

You select the categories of video that best suit your practice.

Support Multiple Televisions

Deliver programming to multiple TVs at once.

Integrates with RevenueWell

Show your best reviews, bring your social media streams to life, and promote your patient portal.


Programming for Every Patient

Patient Connect TV offers a wide variety of programming. Educate patients on treatment offerings, serve up fun dental trivia, and deliver custom content, such as patient testimonials, promotions, or office highlights!

Watch Sample Videos

Patient Portal Sign-Up

Remind patients they can access their account and make appointments in the patient portal.

Treatment Overview

Explain specific treatments and procedures that your practice offers.

Social Media Posts

Share Facebook and Twitter posts directly from your social media accounts.

Patient Testimonials

Spread the love and share all those wonderful reviews from fellow patients.

Fun Facts

Quick facts on dentistry that are as visually engaging as they are amusing.

Hygiene Instructions

Easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrations on important hygiene procedures.

Custom Content

Upload custom videos and show off that wonderful personality of yours!

Patient Communication

Encourage patients to enroll in electronic communications from your office.

Celebrity Interviews

Stars share stories about their own oral health and experiences in the dental chair.

A Simple Process

How Patient Connect TV Works

Sign Up

A RevenueWell team member will provide an overview of Patient Connect TV and answer any questions, help you sign up for the services, and activate your programming.


Select all the treatments your office provides from a checklist of categories and choose the RevenueWell content you want to stream!

Plug & Play

When your Patient Connect TV media device arrives, simply plug it in, connect it to your office Wi-Fi, and enjoy all the great content.

Start Growing Your Practice Today

Dental offices that use RevenueWell see an average annual revenue increase of $73,000. See what it can do for you.

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