Welcome to Marketing Platform™ 2.0

We’re excited to announce the next generation of RevenueWell’s Marketing Platform™.

In 2022, RevenueWell is loading Marketing Platform with more powerful features than ever before, giving practices all the tools they need to help them grow their practice and keep their patients in the loop — all in one place. From efficiency gains and platform insights to more seamless communications and automated campaign building, everyone in your practice will reap the benefits of this year’s releases.Before we dive into the details of these upgrades, here’s a quick look at what’s coming out when:

Marketing Platform 2.0 Upgrades
✅  **
Q2 2022

** Messenger 2.0 is being released over H1 to all customer accounts.

Maximize RevenueWell, optimize campaigns, measure performance with Practice Insights

Practice Insights

Our brand-new Practice Insights app provides users with easy access to practice data, empowering them to make informed decisions that best fit practice needs and ensure they’re getting the most out of the platform. Insights can help identify areas your practice may be lacking by utilizing intelligent analysis to measure your practice performance against industry standards.

Combined with other aspects of the RevenueWell Marketing Platform, such as email and text campaigns, this data can help to transform missed patient communication opportunities into optimized practice growth.

See how your practice stacks up against industry standards and set new goals based on RevenueWell Insights within these four sections:

  • Appointment Attendance: View your practice’s no-show rates and confirmation rates.
  • Restorative Treatments: This measurement shows how well your practice meets production goals with proposed treatment value estimates, or how much revenue your practice is determined to gain from future treatments.
  • Hygiene Department: This section details the number of hygiene visits your practice has completed. Office managers can use this information to understand how much traffic their practice receives as well as identify staffing needs.
  • Patient Base: Identify rates of new patients, patient retention, reactivation and net changes to determine patient losses or gains.

These Insights are designed to help your staff eliminate confusion about practice performance by providing a comparative analysis between your practice operations and the industry standard. With this information, your practice can set measurable goals to meet desired patient and production outcomes.

Practice makes profit. Your practice, that is​

Efficiency is great. But efficiency plus growth is greater.

We’ve updated some of our most popular features to help practices increase profitability with a few clicks of the mouse. These updates give users the ability to prioritize their schedule based on cases that drive the most production while providing additional levers to attract new patients (and delight regular patients). Here’s a closer look:

CareCredit Integration

Have you ever recommended a crucial treatment to a patient that got declined for financial reasons? It happens much more often than you would think. That’s why CareCredit integration makes it easy to increase same-day case acceptance for restorative treatments. Pre-approve your patients’ financing to give them a peace of mind and avoid the headaches that come with manual collections.


Practices that use RevenueWell Marketing Platform have always enjoyed the ability to run set-it-and-forget-it auto-communications and create one-off custom campaigns to engage with their patients, but our updated Campaigns product now offers dental offices even deeper personalization. Now, you can:

  • Create your own recurring auto-communications 
  • Customize the campaign format with more freedom to better match your brand 
  • Use more filters for deeper patient targeting 
  • Receive in-depth reporting on campaign performance for continual optimization 

These Custom Campaign updates turn practice management system data into a reserve of high production cases that schedule themselves. 

Virtual Visits

Sometimes, case acceptance is one consultation away. Since you will not always be in the office, our Virtual Visits provide a more flexible option for consultations, making it easier for you to connect with patients beyond the confines of your operatories. In addition to being available for your patients and boosting case acceptance, you will be delighted with RevenueWell’s Virtual Visits updates if your practice is in a state that allows dental offices to bill insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid for teledentistry.

Make your patients’ lives easier (and your work life too)

Among the bevy of releases out or soon-to-be out, we have several tools dedicated to making patient interactions easier, more convenient, and more reliable. These are the tools that de-stress your day. They’re designed to simplify internal processes, making your workday more impactful and productive.

Your patients have quickly grown accustomed to convenience in every area of their life. They order groceries online, rent movies in an instant, board planes with QR codes, and pay for their lattes with their smartphones. They’re conditioned to expect convenience everywhere.

Creating an easy, seamless practice experience is easier said than done, but it can play a key part in improving patient satisfaction –– all while making your workdays more enjoyable.

Our updates and new features in Marketing Platform bear all of this in mind. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Messenger is being updated to enhance the texting experience. Some of the new functionality includes text message templates for quick replies to patients and the ability to insert practice links (like Forms, Online Scheduling, etc.) into your texts. And you can receive images (like insurance cards or IDs) via text from patients.


Forms is being updated to give you the ability to assign specific forms to specific patients, rather than sending them to a public forms page or sending multiple individual links one by one. This feature makes it clear for patients to know exactly what forms they need to complete instead of having to guess (or filling out forms that aren’t pertinent to their visit).


Scheduling makes it convenient for patients to schedule their visits without the back-and-forth questions, all within the parameters you set. Maintain control with the ability to accept or decline appointments based on what works for your practice. 

NEW! Team Chat

This new feature enables you to chat with colleagues right from RevenueWell, making it simple to share messages, files, and patient information. No need to jump from one system to another to message colleagues.  

CareCredit Integration

You can see the status of a patient’s CareCredit application and financing limit without leaving RevenueWell. This integration helps to give you a more complete picture of each patient so that you can better navigate patient conversations around payments.

Virtual Visits

Doctors can setup a video call with a patient directly from their profile to discuss treatment or handle emergency triage. No need to finagle with a different video service or ask the patient to download an app –– they can use their phones or computer. Virtual Visits make your practice more accessible to a broader patient group and provide another way to easily educate or discuss treatment or payment options. 

All these exciting features make a difference in the overall patient experience and how you and your team do work. Patients will feel less frazzled and stressed with their dental visits because the experience – from scheduling to check-out – can now be more digital and convenient than ever before. Your workday will be simultaneously more productive and less strenuous because every patient interaction will be smoother. Plus, you’re accomplishing more by streamlining certain time-consuming tasks, freeing up time to do more on your to-do list.

We’re excited to roll out these upgrades to assist practices in maximizing their productivity and profitability, while improving the patient experience, too. Stay tuned for additional details on upgraded products and features as they roll out.