COVID-19 Dental Patient Communication Software & Tools

Your patient base is the biggest asset you have. Now is the time to look out for them: provide continuity of service, communicate consistently, and give them all the tools they need to be safe and informed.

At RevenueWell, we’ve put all our resources to work to help you manage during the pandemic. From COVID-19 specific content to feature enhancements to brand new products built into every RevenueWell subscription, we’re doing everything we can to win this fight together.

New Products, Now Included with RevenueWell

Our engineering team has been working 24/7 to launch essential tools that will help you be productive away from the office. Here are some of our newest offerings for RevenueWell customers.

New product

RW WebPhone

We just launched a way for your practice to keep the phone lines open and attended even if you are closed for non-emergency visits. If you have RevenueWell Phone, you already have these capabilities and more – but for the rest of our customers, this provides be a convenient, HIPAA-compliant way to place and receive phone calls without using your personal cell phones. This feature is fully integrated with your practice management software, so you can always dial out and see who’s calling with a single click.

RevenueWell WebPhone will be free to all RevenueWell customers while we’re working through these challenging times.

New product

RW Virtual Visits

RevenueWell now includes a way for you to provide tele-dentistry to your patients. Whether it’s a quick follow-up consultation or a session to determine if an emergency patient needs to be brought in for hands-on care, a Virtual Visit creates a safer, more productive visit for everyone involved.

You can start a Virtual Visit right from your RW Messenger interface, or give your patient a session number of the phone to get going.

Learn more about RevenueWell’s Virtual Dental Consultation Software

RW Virtual Visits is free of charge to all RevenueWell customers for as long as it takes us to get back to normal.

Tried & True RevenueWell Features, Now More Important Than Ever

Staying connected and top of mind with your patients has never been more important. Whether instantly communicating to the entire patient base or offering each patient a way to personally interact with your staff, here are some great ways to use RevenueWell to maintain a thriving, engaged patient base.


Communicate Early and Often with Custom Campaigns

Whether you are staying open, closing the office, or looking to get some crucial resources out to your patients, you can do this in just a few clicks with our prebuilt campaign templates.

Our customers are finding this tool indispensable as their plans and local guidance change by the day. When the pandemic passes, using this tool will be the surest way to rebuild your schedule with high value dentistry. As such, we’ll be working on these plans for you in the coming days and weeks.

RW MEssenger

Give Everyone Your Text Number

RevenueWell Messenger gives patients instant access to your staff. Whether you need to follow-up on treatment in progress, answer patients’ questions immediately, or sort out appointment logistics, this is a great tool to keep up that one-on-one contact and be there for your patients.

All you need is for your team to download the RevenueWell Messenger App on their iOS phone, and then tell patients you’re open for a conversation at your practice phone number.


Use RevenueWell’s Curated Social Media Content to Stay Connected

With many of your patients confined to their homes, social media has become the primary destination where people are connecting, digesting news, and reading updates from businesses they’re used to interacting with. We know your days can feel hectic and disoriented as you’re managing during this time.

Please lean on us to help keep the updates and the conversation going on your social media pages. We’ve included a new COVID-19 category of posts in our content library, so you can preschedule several weeks’ worth of useful updates in just a few clicks.


Use Digital Forms to Keep Patients Out of Your Waiting Area

RevenueWell Forms is a hugely popular add-on to our marketing platform, mainly for the convenience it offers patients and the productivity boost it creates for the front desk. In today’s environment, it has also emerged as a safety feature. No patient should have to handle a clipboard when filling out health forms or consenting to a treatment plan.

Please contact us about getting RevenueWell Forms for your practice, free of charge for the next 60 days.

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