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The Dilemma

With 12 doctors and 110 total staff across several locations, Wilson Martino Dental serves about 400 patients every day. Every location seems busier than the next, buoyed by a well-honed structure of systems and protocol. It’s an organization where every employee has a purpose, every patient knows what’s happening, and every doctor can spend the time they need to make patients feel like family. Most owners would marvel at the complexity and success of the chain, but the leadership team at Wilson Martino Dental wanted to keep pushing forward. One area of opportunity was getting more scheduled patients in the chair for their appointments. Prior to using RevenueWell, despite heavy investment in manual reminder calls, the practice as a whole had a no-show rate of 16%. Wilson Martino Dental knew that even the smallest improvement in this area would add a substantial amount to the bottom line, so it seemed like a problem worth solving.

Why RevenueWell

Dr. Martino’s team understood that using an automated appointment confirmation system was the only way to make its process consistent and repeatable across all six locations. After reviewing the automated reminder solutions on the market, Wilson Martino Dental chose RevenueWell for two main reasons. First, the solution was incredibly easy to configure and use — which was very important since the practice needed to train an already busy team of over 100 on the new system. Second, RevenueWell’s seamless integration of text messages, emails, automated phone calls, and mailed postcards meant the system could reach 100% of the patients coming in on any given day.

“Using RevenueWell for appointment confirmations saves us two hours of staff time per location every day. More importantly, it guarantees that this task will always get done: consistently, thoroughly, and according to the schedule that we designed.”

Dr. Robert Martino

Wilson Martino Dental


The first and most noticeable change at Wilson Martino was something they hadn’t predicted: peace and quiet. The team no longer had to call 60 to 70 patients every day at every location to confirm appointments. And while the office calmed, the numbers rejoiced. Since using RevenueWell, no-call and no-shows dropped to an all-time low.

Since the practice was able to eliminate two hours of outbound calling per day at each location, it also gained an equivalent of $72,000 a year in staff time, helping individual offices spend more time on treatment coordination and improving the recare process.

Dr. Martino’s team attributes these results to several factors: RevenueWell’s tight integration with their Eaglesoft software, the multiple automatic reminders each patient receives, and the system’s ability to help its team capture cell phone numbers and email addresses for every patient coming into the office. In fact, Wilson Martino Dental is so thorough in their data collection, they now have an email address and phone number on file for the majority of their entire active patient base.