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The Dilemma

Dr. Chip Irwin realized his practice had a problem. While new patient growth was robust, and an increase in staff rose to meet that demand, the team felt many of their new patients slipped off the radar after the initial visit. To curb such attrition, the office tried mailing postcards to severely overdue patients. However, the team sent postcards infrequently, and they had no method in place to track results. Recognizing this weakness hindered growth, Dr. Irwin and his team decided to implement an automated system to help recapture lost patients and streamline communication with current patients.

For such a system to meet their demands, however, it would need to operate without much input from the already busy team to provide ongoing insight into the success of every communication effort.

Why RevenueWell

After reviewing the automated patient communication solutions on the market, QC Dental Docs chose RevenueWell due to three major factors. First, RevenueWell was incredibly easy for QC’s staff to set up and operate. After only a one-hour training session, every team member could use the system with proficiency.

Second, thanks to RevenueWell’s tight integration with the office’s practice management software, the practice could automatically monitor its database for dormant patients. From there, it put them on a predesigned schedule of automatic messages to remind and incentivize each patient to get back on track. After the team chose the templates and messages they wanted to use for each communication attempt, RevenueWell ran the reactivation with zero involvement from the doctor or staff.

Finally, RevenueWell seamlessly blended email, text messages, postcards, and letters to reach every patient according to their communication preferences. This helped the office save money by reaching many patients electronically and enable the team to hand off the entire patient reactivation process to RevenueWell, knowing that the system will reach 100% of patients regardless of whether they had email addresses on file.

“For a busy office like ours, using an automated system like RevenueWell to stay in front of our patients is the only way to do it professionally and consistently. For our practice, this meant lower attrition, happier patients, and a more productive front desk.”

Dr. Chip Irwin

QC Dental Docs


Only 12 days after QC turned on their automatic reactivation campaign in RevenueWell, their first lapsed patient came in for his new appointment. The following month, four previously unscheduled patients returned to the practice, and in the third month, 15 returned. The trend continues to this day, with an average of 13.5 patients reactivated each month. This helps the practice recapture an average of $2,895 in production every month while building a healthier, more loyal patient base.