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The Dilemma

When Dr. Nichole DeMars, purchased the already six-year-old Long Grove Dental Studio, she inherited a respectable patient database she anticipated would help grow her business. She soon realized, however, that the size of a patient database hardly equates to production value. Many patients hadn’t been in to see the prior owner in years, and hygiene recall compliance was dismal.

While the previous owner tried to engage patients with the patient communication service called Demandforce, she enjoyed very limited success due to the system’s lack of configurability and dental focus. To make matters worse, the practice didn’t have email addresses on file for most patients, and Demandforce’s limited direct mail capabilities meant the system didn’t have sufficient reach to really make an impact.

With her vision of a tech-savvy office that could leverage educational and promotional content to drive patient engagement and retention threatened, Dr. DeMars knew she needed a better solution to accomplish her goals.

Why RevenueWell

After hearing from a colleague that RevenueWell offered a marketing and communications product designed specifically for dental offices, Dr. DeMars decided to give RevenueWell a closer look.

During her discovery stage, she wanted to see if RevenueWell could help her achieve four immediate goals: announce the office’s transition to new ownership, inform her patient base about new technology the office was using, shore up the recall system, and motivate long lost patients to return to the practice.

After seeing an online demo of RevenueWell’s automatic recall and patient reactivation capabilities, and noting that the system featured years of built-in content to drive continuous patient engagement, Dr. DeMars decided to give RevenueWell a try.

“I knew buying a practice was going to be a lot of work, but I could never estimate just how much needed to be done. RevenueWell was a blessing to us during this transition and beyond. Knowing that certain core things are just going to get done, and done right, allowed us to really focus on the rest.”

Dr. Nichole DeMars

Long Grove Dental Studio


Long Grove Dental Studio began with sending several tailored patient reactivation campaigns to long-overdue patients, helping the practice bring back many patients with personalized “Welcome Back” incentives as well as inactivate others to clean up the database.

Dr. DeMars’s office manager then used RevenueWell’s automatic recall and patient reactivation campaigns to set up a high-touch communication program based on each patient’s visit history and recall type.

Having RevenueWell send emails, postcards, text messages, and mailed letters depending on what information the patient had on file allowed the practice to completely automate these processes and focus on other tasks.

Lastly, Dr. DeMars’ goal of being able to send out announcements and bolster engagement with educational content became a reality, all without having to write a single word of content. RevenueWell’s prebuilt newsletters got a great response from patients, helping the office grow its cosmetic and orthodontic business without the extra marketing expense.