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Familia Dental

42-Practice Organization


from a single campaign

One reactivation campaign run for 33 practices generated 682 visits and $100,000

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The Dilemma

Familia Dental needed a change. The 42-practice organization simply wasn’t getting the service it needed from its tenured marketing and communications provider.

“We were not happy with our current solution, as it was failing our patients and lacking quality controls,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Leslie Brewer.

According to Brewer, when the system would crash, Familia’s leadership team wouldn’t know for several days, finding out only from practices whose patients hadn’t been confirmed.

“Unfortunately, the issues were ongoing and started to impact our show-rate in the offices,” explains Brewer. “This led us to search for a better confirmation platform.”

After making up her mind to find a more reliable platform, Familia Dental’s CMO decided she also needed something more sophisticated. Brewer and her team had planned on growing revenue through traditional marketing campaigns and were looking for ways to engage with patients in the community.

Says Brewer, “In tandem to the confirmation solution search, I had begun looking for a nurture platform to support daily, weekly, and monthly communications for our returning patients. Creating loyalty, engagement and a local community feel was an important lever missing from our current retention strategy, so finding a company that could interface with our current EMR was important.”

Why RevenueWell

After performing her due diligence, Brewer decided RevenueWell was the right option for Familia Dental. She says it was an easy sell to leadership due to the value-added features at no extra expense to the company. “I was able to demonstrate that RevenueWell could solve our confirmation issues while also providing added value and capabilities we didn’t have at the time. Those features included being able to disseminate educational and office-specific communication campaigns, capture customer experience results, push and request online ratings and reviews, and help our offices fill their schedules. From an economics standpoint, I was able to  upgrade my confirmation system and add four additional services without having to pay an extra dime.”

With RevenueWell, Brewer and her marketing team were now able to roll out the drip campaigns they had envisioned.

Thanks to RevenueWell’s reputation monitoring capabilities, Familia Dental could also survey patients across underperforming offices and then set new KPIs specifically tied to patient satisfaction. According to Brewer, before using a comprehensive system like RevenueWell, targeted research had cost the company upwards of $50,000.

Most importantly, Familia Dental was able to find a partner who is receptive to its needs. Says Brewer, “What makes RevenueWell an incredible product and service is its reliability, functionality, and responsiveness. Their commitment to client and customer experience is impressive, along with their ability to listen to feedback and improve along the way.”


Since switching to RevenueWell, Familia Dental has found success both operationally and monetarily. Thanks to RevenueWell’s unparalleled customer service, Familia has experienced very little friction when implementing new systems and procedures across its practices.

“We’ve been rolling out RevenueWell in stages so that our offices have time to adjust to the technology and to ensure buy-in,” Brewer says of her group’s training process.

Training is a big component to ensuring success and proper utilization of any product, and we’ve found that RevenueWell is always willing to jump in — whether it’s creating training manuals, engaging in live sessions, or pulling reports.

Thanks to RevenueWell Enterprise’s user access controls, every practice under Familia’s umbrella maintains its own personal identity.

Says Brewer, “We allow the offices to create smaller-scale communications appropriate for their practice needs. For example, if they have an event coming up or a new doctor starting, they have the autonomy to build their own campaigns.”

And with the versatility it provides, RevenueWell Enterprise allows Familia’s corporate marketing team to control larger, revenue-driving campaigns.

Citing the success of a recent campaign, Brewer explains why she and her team like to control major communications. In May, Familia Dental ran a Memorial Day drip campaign for 33 of the group’s 42 practices. Targeting patients who hadn’t scheduled an appointment within the last 12 months, Familia sent 93,000 email communications. According to Brewer, 20% of the recipients opened the emails, with 632 patients booking and showing up for their appointments. As a result, Familia Dental generated $100,000 in revenue off that single campaign.

Familia Dental executes promotional communications like the May campaign monthly and has found immediate impact.

“Due to the overwhelming response to our monthly campaigns, we must be prepared and staffed appropriately in the call center because the calls are immediate,” explains Brewer.

It’s a very powerful tool that I use to push flow.

RevenueWell has made a positive impact across the organization, including operations, billing, and marketing. Brewer believes this is possible because of the multi-faceted communications platform, and the ownership and commitment RevenueWell has displayed to Familia’s success.

“RevenueWell is a true partner who genuinely cares for my team, our patients, and the success of our organization.”