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The Dilemma

For Dedicated Dental Group, busy is the name of the game. With a general dentist and two specialists on staff, there are a lot of patients to see and a variety of cases to manage. In fact, many of the treatment plans start in hygiene and work their way through endo, perio, and general restorative over the course of several months.

To juggle all that work, Dedicated Dental Group employs a full-time insurance and treatment coordinator tasked with keeping patients on track throughout each stage of treatment. Despite this dedication to thoroughness, Dr. Nudel couldn’t help shake the feeling there was an opportunity to do more dentistry than the office was scheduling at the time.

The secret to getting there, she believed, was to create a more reliable protocol for communicating with every patient about their unscheduled treatment. She knew that supplementing the treatment coordinator’s follow-up with additional “touches” via email, letters, or even text messages could yield a higher case acceptance rate. But running this process manually seemed like more work than her already busy staff could take on. Was there a solution out there that could help?

Why RevenueWell

Having been a long time user of a marketing program called Patient Activator, Dr. Nudel was no stranger to automatic patient communication software. Yet, when a colleague told her that RevenueWell could automate not only common processes like appointment confirmations but clinical patient communications as well, it came as somewhat of a revelation to Dr. Nudel.

While she was excited to see that RevenueWell could automatically email patients post-op instructions for common procedures, she was even more surprised to see that the program could also audit patients’ charts for unscheduled treatment plans and automatically follow up with patients via email, text messages, and HIPAA-compliant sealed envelope letters. This looked like an exact fit for what she wanted to accomplish, so she decided to give RevenueWell a shot.

For our office, the treatment plan follow-up feature alone pays for the RevenueWell service 10 times over. Any practice that’s serious about getting their patients to follow through with the doctor’s recommendations needs to give this service a closer look.

Dr. Tatyana Nudel

Dedicated Dental Group


RevenueWell was configured to work in tandem with the treatment coordinator, serving as a safety net to her efforts.

When a patient scheduled the treatment appointment, all automatic follow-ups would stop. But if the patient didn’t schedule the next appointment, the follow-up communications would resume. Reaching patients several times using different message types helped the office convey the sense of urgency about treatment delays, while RevenueWell’s ability to effectively present each treatment plan using web articles and multi-media CAESY Cloud presentations helped educate patients about each proposed procedure and its benefits.