Top RevenueWell Blog Posts of 2017

Our top blog posts of 2017 highlight the great dental content created by RevenueWell over the past year.

Over the course of 2017, we put out some wonderful content here at RevenueWell.

From tips on how to enhance your online presence to ways you can improve case acceptance, our aim was to make it easier than ever for dental practices and their patients to connect.

Below are some of our favorite blogs from this year.

10 Tips for Social Media Success

Love it, hate it or indifferent, social media is here to stay. Not simply a part of our personal lives anymore, social media is an effective (sometimes the most effective) way to market your dental practice.

In our 10 Tips for Social Media Success blog, we offered up some easy strategies that will help you get the most out of your social media accounts.

Top Takeaway: Be funny, be useful, be authentic!

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Get Your Dental Practice on Yelp Immediately

Sticking with social media, this blog pays special attention to a site underutilized by many dental practices: Yelp.

Generally pigeonholed as a site to review restaurants and bars, Yelp is actually for all local businesses. On average, annual revenue increases $8,000 for companies that have claimed their Yelp profile.

Considering that it costs no money, there is nothing but incredible upside to having a claimed Yelp profile.

Top Takeaway: Only 53% of dental offices are on Yelp, despite the fact that it's free.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Healthgrades Profile

Healthgrades is the largest online resource for healthcare information, and it's used by 2 million people each month in their search for a new dentist. Odds are, you already have a profile, but how effective is it?

There are some very easy steps you can take to optimize your Healthgrades profile in virtually no time at all!

Top Takeaway: Healthgrades is doctor-specific, meaning every dentist in your practice should have their own personal profile.

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Healthy Habits = Healthy Practice

How are the day-to-day operations at your practice? Do you have a mission statement, and if so, does your entire office buy in?

Cultivating an atmosphere of positivity trickles down from you to your staff to your patients. Being consistent and avoiding surprises will make everyone in your office smile!

Top Takeaway: Consistency around the office leads to a happy staff and healthy practice.

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Five Ways to Boost Your Dental Practice’s Production

When it comes to upping production, appointment confirmation often gets the first look. It makes sense. After all, those people are already on the books; complete the cycle and get them in the chair!

But there's so much more to increasing production, like sending proper follow-ups or ensuring patients know how to get the most out of their insurance. Don't get complacent if your appointment confirmations are solid; there are plenty of other areas to maximize!

Top Takeaway: Increased production extends well beyond appointment confirmation.

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New Dental Patients Are No Silver Bullet

We love bringing in new patients. They're the lifeblood of any healthy practice.

However, don't have tunnel vision when it comes to patient acquisition. Educating and engaging with existing patients can be a cheaper and more effective way to grow your practice.

Top Takeaway: 41% of new patients won’t return after their initial visit, so don't put all your eggs into new patient acquisition.

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Four Ways the Right Video Can Improve Your Dental Waiting Room Experience

Waiting rooms can and should be more than an antechamber where patients sit idly before their appointment. Use your waiting room TV to set the mood for your entire office.

Proper programming can entertain, inform and ease anxiety. Waiting room televisions can serve as much more than a distraction.

Top Takeaway: Waiting room programming can improve patient satisfaction and provide and increase case acceptance.

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There you have it! We can't wait for 2018, as we already have a bunch of awesome stuff lined up. Stay tuned!

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