Tips for Shooting Great Video with Your Phone

In this guest post, Grow Practice Grow CEO Sean Hamel shows just how easy it is to shoot engaging videos for patients with your phone.

What if I told you that you can create a high-quality video without purchasing expensive equipment, hiring a team of strangers, or spending thousands of dollars? Well … you can! Most of us take our smartphones everywhere. They’re used for a variety of essential functions and have become the primary camera for most users.

It’s no secret that video marketing is on the rise. Video gets more attention. More engagement. More results than just about any other form of marketing. Videos work, and businesses, big and small, are starting to catch on. Whether or not your dental practice harnesses the power of video marketing is entirely up to you.

Every Practice Can Have Great Marketing Videos

I understand the main hesitations and frustrations with video marketing. You don’t like being on camera. You don’t like the sound of your voice. It's uncomfortable. You don’t know what to say or what to talk about. It’s too expensive. You don’t have time. I get it.

We’ll talk about the first points of hesitation later in this post, but as far as equipment goes, again, you don’t need to rent or buy expensive equipment to create great video. I say, why deal with the headache and the costs of more equipment when your phone (that you already own) is a powerhouse of video-creating greatness?

Most phones these days shoot in HD, even 4K! With a little production coaching and some editing software, you can create massive amounts engaging content in no time. Let’s go over some important points of creating a quality video.

Shooting Dental Marketing Videos with Your Phone


Always remember: lots of light is your friend. If you are going to shoot outside, an hour or two after sunrise or before sunset are best for your phone’s light sensors. Indoor lighting can be best created with an inexpensive light ring (check Amazon!) or with natural light from a window. Make sure there isn’t a ton of backlighting and that you can see your face with no deep shadows.


I always encourage shooting in the highest resolution your device is capable of. This may seem like a given, but I feel it is important to remember to adjust your phone or tablet settings prior to starting on your video journey. You'll be shocked at how clean, clear, and professional this makes each video look.


Anytime you are filming, try to keep the camera as still as you can. Some phones provide an “anti-shake” option. However, I never use it since it diminishes video quality, which is never a good solution. Instead, get a mount or a tripod (also from Amazon) to keep your phone stable and still.


Often times, the microphone on your phone will be omnidirectional. In other words, the mic absorbs sounds from any direction. This is not good! It will cause problems when you want to pick up clean, clear audio when speaking — especially in a busy place like a dental practice! After all, sometimes the best content is created in a moment of inspiration when a quiet place isn’t nearby. Get several lavalier microphones (the ones that clip to your shirt) and keep one in your car, one at home, and one at the office. You can find them online for around $10.And yes, they are worth every penny.

Horizontal or Vertical

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me crazier than seeing a video with the black, vertical stripes on the left and right side. Knowing which mode to shoot in is a key component to a quality video. Typically, you are going to shoot video with your phone on its side, horizontally. Your users will typically watch your content in the exact same way. This is great for Youtube and Facebook.

Vertical shooting, or portrait, is ideal for Instagram and Snapchat. Remember, create content specific to the channel you are using to broadcast it. One more time ...

Horizontal Video

  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Vertical Video

  • Instagram
  • Snapchat


Video editing can be tedious and frustrating. Many times, when I help a dentist get comfortable on camera, their next frustration begins with editing their content. There are free tools available to help you create an impressive video. Watch tutorials online for tips and tricks!

Using Video to Market Your Practice

As mentioned at the start of this blog, I understand the hesitation of not wanting to be on camera and not liking how you sound. The best way through it is to just do it. You will get used to it. You will get more comfortable. Many dentists I work with don’t like themselves on video at first. However, once they see the impact and engagement that video has on their marketing efforts, they quickly embrace it. The more video they shoot, the more their anxiety and hesitation subsides.Yours will, too.

You are unique and you have a story to tell. Tell your story and connect with your patients in a fun, unique way that patients love to engage with. You can use video in any number of ways:

  • Welcome video to new patients
  • Practice tours
  • Ask the dentist or ask the hygienist
  • FAQs
  • Pre and post-op instructions
  • Patient reactivation campaigns
  • Patient testimonials
  • Birthday and holiday messages
  • Thank you messages
  • Referral request videos

That’s not even a full list! Don’t get me wrong, I always encourage my practice’s to have a mix of professionally created video and “homegrown” video. They are not one and the same. Creating a professional “sales” video, which is basically a commercial about the practice and your services is great. Having a professional shoot an office tour is great, too.

Connect with Patients on a Deeper Level

“Should I start video marketing?” isn’t a question at this point.

“Why won’t I start video marketing?” is much more fitting.

It’s going to cost you engagement, and ultimately profit, to fall behind the times and ignore the power of video. Especially considering how the day-to-day clips you post on social media and in email campaigns are easier than ever to create. Some dentists shoot video in their cars, on flights, sitting in their backyards, or even on vacation!

The fact is, video works and it is effective. Telling your story and connecting with your patients is one of the most powerful steps you can take in growing your business. Once your patients like, know, and trust you, they will tell of their experience as your patient and refer their family and friends. Their story becomes your story. Make it a great one!

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