Product Release Notes: Fall 2020

Recent Product Release Notes

RevenueWell Phone now showcases your call history in a simplified tab

We know how busy you are. Take the worry out of not knowing who is on the other line and easily follow up with your missed calls. Keep your patients happy and healthy using this feature enhancement. You can also see a history of outbound calls made, making it easier to track if you followed up with a patient.With this enhancement, you’ll have access to a log that showcases caller name, date/time, and if it’s an inbound call, outbound, or missed.To incorporate this new enhancement, be sure that at least one of your users in the practice connects your Jive credentials to RevenueWell Phone and Messenger.

Online Scheduling is now in beta!

Did you know it can take upwards of 8 minutes to manually schedule a single patient appointment? Imagine what you can now do with all of that time back! The Online Scheduling feature allows your patients to select the reason for their appointment request, and then determine a time based on your set availability within the tool – without your patients needing to call your front desk. You can then approve the appointment request or provide updated availability based on your doctor’s schedule.Ready to activate online scheduling? Click here for more information.