How to Drive Case Acceptance at Your Practice

A better approach to selling treatments at your practice

If your practice is struggling to drive treatment acceptance, you might want to consider a new approach. Education is a critical part of guiding patients to accept treatments, but there’s more to it – you have to sell them on it.  

In this brand-new practice management brief, Janet Hagerman, a practice management expert with over 15 years of clinical experience and 20 years of coaching experience with both solo and large dental practices, shares three rules for selling dentistry to improve case acceptance and ultimately, increase revenue. It’s time to shift the mindset around selling treatments at your practice.

Change your approach

How to view the patient-practice relationship in a new way

The art of selling

How to present treatments in ways that patients connect with

Consistent communication

How to establish trust with patients and move them to action

Don’t forget the phone

How to use a dental phone system for more impactful patient conversations

Logistics is what we’re trained to do. We think in millimeters. We need to learn the emotional side of decision-making, and we have to find simple, quick and easy ways to discover those emotional motivators.

-  Janet Hagerman, practice management expert

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