Fortune Management Partnership

Insight and Action at the Heart of RevenueWell and Fortune Management Partnership

For the practicing dentist, goal fulfillment is a lot like directing a reluctant patient through a prescribed treatment plan: challenging. Often, there is so much work to do in the business; a dentist finds themselves without the time and energy to work on the business. Thankfully, Fortune Management and RevenueWell have teamed up to address this all too common problem, so doctors can stop striving toward their goals and start achieving them.

By focusing on the five engines of the practice: financial, marketing and sales, systems, people, and clinical/technology, Fortune coaches are able to bring to life the vision a doctor has for themselves and their practice – working one-on-one to fine tune the application of best practices so they suit the exact priorities of each practice.

“Fortune’s expertise as Executive Coaches and Practice Management Advisors is the perfect compliment to the work we do with a practice,” says RevenueWell’s Senior Strategic Alliance Manager, Chantal Dalton. “Because we help customers automate marketing and increase production within the active patient base, we’ve found we’re a great good plug-and-play tool to Fortune’s strategy and execution efforts.”

By joining forces, both firms aim to meet Fortune’s vision of providing the best balance of practice management and personal development, to create an extraordinary practice and an extraordinary life for the people who work within the profession and for the patients they serve.

“There’s simply no communication software on the market today as comprehensive as RevenueWell when it comes to helping a dental practice communicate with patients, ensure good clinical outcomes and increase production” said Jennifer Chevalier, Chief Strategy Officer with Fortune Management.

To learn more about the partnership, contact your RevenueWell or Fortune Management representative today.