Don’t Believe the Hype – The Mailbox Still Matters

Remember the mail carrier? The person you used to rush to the mailbox to see when you were a kid? The person who delivered letters from your grandparents, postcards from afar, and magazines ripe with interesting information? Ranger Rick, or Tiger Beat, anyone?! Well, mail carriers still exist. And most people have forgotten about them. Advantage: you.

Strict email marketers will tell you direct mail is dead. And direct mail marketers will tell you it’s the only thing that ever worked. The truth lies in the balance. To reach 100% of your patient base, you have to recognize that not all patients use email (regardless of age) even if you have an email address on file. Also, some people just like getting mail! It’s tangible, and these days it’s often such a surprise, since so much IS digital, that it’s regarded as personalized. Which is exactly what you want. When we see offices complement their email efforts with direct mail, they get a better return on investment, and more appointments than those who use email alone. So, don’t fight direct mail – it works.

So what messages are worth sending? Appointment reminders, birthday greetings, holiday announcements, and messaging about elective procedures you may offer (whitening, mouthguards, Invisalign, etc.) are all great candidates. If you’re using an automated marketing and communications suite, this process becomes even simpler. Click here, click there, and you’re done. Then, in 3-5 days your friendly postal carrier will deliver your beautiful full color, professionally-designed message to your patient’s home for them to touch, hold, post to the fridge (and then leave on the fridge because they love that picture of the cute dog with a big smile!). So, use direct mail… people will appreciate it. Want to really up your game? Include a promotion, and have them bring in the postcard to redeem it. There’s no better way to keep your name and your postcard hanging around their kitchen than that!

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the direct mail bandwagon today… your Pony Express rider needs you! The results you’ll see in your patient analysis reports will be the proof in the pudding!

Brian Redlin, Region Manager, RevenueWell