Multi-Practice Management: Empowering Doctors and Teams

In this edition of Talkin' Multi-Practice Management, we discuss the importance of planning when it comes to overseeing multiple dental practices.

Earlier this year, RevenueWell sat down with Family 1st Dental Regional Coordinator Nadine Prososki to discuss her role within the organization. In our discussion, Nadine broke down how, right from the rooster's crow, she is answering emails and texts to help her team succeed. We hope you enjoy this talk, and find it as insightful as we did!

RevenueWell: What's the first thing you do each day?

Nadine Prososki: I wish I had something profound or inspirational to say about that but the truth is: COFFEE!

RW: That's great! You're preaching to the choir — need that get up and go.

NP: If you are wondering professionally, then I would say it is pretty variable depending on if it is a travel day or admin day. I have seven locations in my region, and most are at least an hour from my home — the farthest is two hours — so usually three days a week are travel to the locations. On any given day, texts and emails start rolling in at about 6 a.m., and I am looking at, and figuring out, staffing and schedules for the day.

RW: How frequently do you communicate with each practice's OM, and what do you talk about?

NP: We actually don’t have an OM in every location in our model, but we do have very hard-working and capable front office coordinators with whom I am in contact at least weekly, if not more frequently, depending on what we have going on in their practice at the time. I touch base on any challenges or concerns they need help or guidance with, including: schedules, insurance, and collections.

Find different ways to recognize and remind people that they are so important

RW: What's your biggest challenge in overseeing multiple practices?

NP: I would say the biggest challenge is not always having enough time and resources to proficiently onboard each new employee in every hiring situation. Sometimes we have multiple new hires starting in several locations at once, and I have to rely on my existing team members to train. I will say that we are developing a process and gathering some resources with technology to help with this.

RW: What is your biggest focus with regards to training?

NP: My biggest focus is giving team members the resources and processes to make sure our patients are having the best experience possible. Efficiencies in all of our processes and procedures, as well as effective and proactive communication is key! When the team is comfortable with all the logistics, it lends us more opportunities and time to develop trust and long-term patient relationships.

RW: What metrics do you use to evaluate the success of your practices (production numbers, new patients, appointments, etc.)

NP: We have many metrics that we simultaneously look at when it comes to our practices. Financially, I look at collections first. That then leads me to evaluate many other systems, like: productive scheduling (production), adjustments, treatment plan acceptance percentages, insurance process productivity, patient reactivation, cancel/fail percentages, new patient numbers and retention (Are we getting at least 20-25 new patients per month and are they coming back to see us?), etc. I can then decide what to focus on with each team — what will make the biggest impact for growth, and where I need to reward and recognize improvement and continued excellence.

RW: Please describe your job in 2 sentences.

NP: Regional Coordinators at Family 1st Dental wear many hats, so my role and responsibilities change on a situational basis on any given day — including problem solver, HR rep, metrics monitor, trainer, coach, mediator, and cheerleader. The main focus in everything I do is to offer support in any way I can to my doctors and teams so that they can be focused on excellence in patient care.

RW: What new skill would you like to develop next?

NP: I would like to develop more confidence in presenting and public speaking.

RW: What resource (book, blog, etc.) has been most helpful in your role?

NP: I don’t think I could name just one. For starters, I have been an AADOM member for quite a few years now, and have learned so much from the speakers they bring to annual meetings, as well as online CE resources available at my disposal. Shout out to RevenueWell as well, as I have watched many webinars since we started using them in our practices that have been so helpful. In general, Family 1st Dental is a company that has always been a huge proponent of bringing CE to every roll, including management, so the resources that we all hear of individually and bring to each other are too vast to name them all.

RW: How do you decompress after a work week?

NP: Connect and focus on my family mostly. But then there are those weeks that seemed to last for a month, so when Friday comes, adult beverages are on the agenda. Just keeping it real!

RW: Once again, we're right there with you! Nothing better than a cold beverage after a long day. Okay, please fill in the blank: You didn't expect _____ about your role.

NP: The HR part of my job to be so time consuming at times.

You need to be able to help the team members and doctors see the potential they have inside of themselves

RW: What are the top three tools/resources (e.g., Outlook, Excel) you use each day?

NP: Outlook, WebEx, Excel

RW: The best analogy for overseeing multiple practices is:

NP: You have to be like a hardware store, a self-help book, and a chameleon. You need to be able to provide them all the tools practices need to take the best possible care of our patients in every way. You need to be able to help the team members and doctors see the potential they have inside of themselves, and bring out those skills and qualities so they can continue to be, or become, confident, engaged, and difference-makers in our practices. You need to be adaptable, as there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to managing different locations that have their own unique personalities with their own unique set of strengths and challenges.

RW: That's great! Okay, last question: The best way to inspire an office is to ...

NP: Find different ways to recognize and remind people that they are so important. Frequently let them know just how much of a difference they do actually make in the lives of their patients.

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