5 Ways to Increase Productivity in a Dental Office

Boosting your dental practice's production extends well beyond appointment confirmation. Here are five ways patient communication software can streamline your office operations.

Appointment confirmations are important. When it comes to patient communication software they’re the flour in the cake, so to speak.

Though just as there are more ingredients in a cake than flour, there’s more to running a successful dental office than appointments.

What are you doing to increase production and grow your business?

Are you helping patients maximize their insurance benefits? Reactivating dormant patients? Ensuring folks follow through on their recommended treatment plans?

If your office is consumed with making confirmation phone calls, you’re leaving a few ingredients out of your production cake.

Moreover, if your understanding of dental patient communication software goes as far as appointment confirmations, you are missing out on ways to easily manage your practice while handling more production.

Here are several ways dental communication software can boost your dental practice production:

Keep a Full Dental Hygiene Schedule

We all know hygiene is the lifeblood of a practice, so why not make recall easier and more effective?

RevenueWell makes it easy to keep the hygiene department humming by staying on top of every patient via email, text, postcards and social media.

Patients love the attention, and you’ll love having a full appointment book.

Bring Inactive Patients Back to the Nest

Have a few patients who've slipped off your radar? Let RevenueWell be your safety net!

We automatically audit your charts and bring these wayward patients back into the fold with timely outreach, great clinical messaging, and thoughtful incentives.

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Provide Expert Follow-Up on Pending Treatment

Some patients will inevitably leave their appointments without scheduling follow-up treatment plans. It's unfortunate, but no practice bats 1.000.When this happens, the onus falls on you to continue the conversation.

Keep educating patients, and explain just why they need the treatments you suggest. After all, you're looking out for their health!

RevenueWell will automatically follow up on all outstanding cases, complete with patient education videos, articles, and all the financial information a patient needs to make the right decision about their health.

Promote Elective Dentistry Like a Pro

Do you offer whitening at your office?

How about veneers?

Have you invested in Invisalign or a similar program?

Chances are your patients don’t know how much work you’ve put into becoming the only dental office they’ll ever need.

So tell them!

RevenueWell makes this easy with prebuilt email campaigns, engaging social media content, and a way to finely target your message to patients who will benefit the most!

Help Patients Make the Most of Their Insurance

Want another practical way to grow? Help your patients plan their insurance and FSA benefits with quick, automated reminders from RevenueWell.

RevenueWell reads patients' insurance info, and will send reminders to those with money remaining on their FSA.

For many patients, these funds go to waste every year. Simply keeping them aware of remaining benefits and important deadlines is half the battle!

Learn more about how RevenueWell improves case acceptance and creates more close-knit relationships between dentists and their patients.