How to Create a Campaign in a Snap

Automated dental campaigns bring your patients back into the practice — while saving you hours of time. Here's how automated campaigns work, and why they make so much sense for practices these days.

Manually preparing a dental campaign always takes more work and time than expected.

There's planning, creating the content, finding the right patients to receive it, scheduling it, and tracking its results, like appointments scheduled because of it.

But few teams have the time to get all those tasks done. There are phones to answer, forms to process, and team members' skills to develop.

That's why automating dental campaigns with dental marketing software like RevenueWell makes so much sense.

In this post, we'll break down exactly how automating dental campaigns works and why more and more practices are using this time-saving feature that's part of leading dental marketing software.

Automating Dental Campaigns, in Two Minutes

In this two-minute video, our own Jeff White demonstrates how quickly you can send patients an automated campaign.

Why "Setting and Forgetting" Campaigns Is a Life-Saver

The list of benefits from automating, or "setting and forgetting," dental campaigns is endless, but three stand out.

They're Quick

As one patient coordinator at a dental practice in Michigan averaging $4,841 in revenue from campaigns said, "By automating campaigns, I can send a campaign or two when I have five free minutes in my day. And I know it will be way better than what I did before, manually."

By automating campaigns, I can send a campaign or two when I have five free minutes in my day, and I know it will be way better than what I did before, manually.

By offloading all the work that goes into a campaign, teams are able to invest time back into the day and prevent the "office fires" that can derail a team's productivity.

They Boost Appointment Volume and Revenue

Word-of-mouth marketing and online visibility bring new patients in, but campaigns keep them coming back.

Practices using RevenueWell, including the ability to automate campaigns, averaged more than 900 more appointments and nearly $75,000 more in revenue than the year before.

For example, we studied 4,000 practices that use RevenueWell. In their first year running the software, including the ability to automate campaigns, they had more than 900 more appointments and brought in nearly $75,000 more revenue than the year before.

They Build Relationships with Patients

When it comes to health care, patients want an experience like they get with their favorite brands.

They want to hear from their doctors' offices via email, social media, and especially text. And when they do, they respond, usually immediately.

Literally, 3 minutes after clicking to send the [campaign] email, our phone started ringing off the hook.

The office manager of a dental practice in Indiana, and one of our RevenueWell Rockstar community members, relayed just how positive of a response her patients had to campaigns:

"Literally 3 minutes after clicking to send the email, our phone started ringing off the hook. All [open] spots are now taken. We’ve been diligently collecting patients email addresses and thanks to the resources that RevenueWell provides us we have enjoyed great success with this and the other campaigns we’ve launched."

How Automating Dental Campaigns Work

Like our quick video above shows, automating dental campaigns in RevenueWell takes only a handful of clicks, unlike the dozen of steps required when you create a campaign manually.

And with mRevenueWell, you can also tailor your campaigns for the right audience, or recipients, more easily because RevenueWell syncs with your practice management software (PMS).When you're automating dental campaigns, the workflow is as simple as this:

  1. Pick the type of pre-built campaign you want to run (or create your own)
  2. Select the email template you want to use
  3. Edit the email, including the text, and add any additional pieces of content, like a "Write a Review" link
  4. Add direct mail and text messages to your campaign
  5. Pick the recipients for your campaign based on their background and history in your PMS
  6. Add your own subject line
  7. Send it, or schedule it for a future date
  8. Watch the phone calls come in!

What Types of Campaigns Can You Automate?

The short answer is as many as you need or want, at least with RevenueWell, which comes with more than 100 pre-made campaigns.

Some of the more valuable and popular types of campaigns you can "set and forget" include:

  • Recall campaigns
  • Reactivation campaigns
  • Insurance-reminder campaigns
  • Treatment-plan follow-up campaigns
  • Product-focused campaigns, like a CEREC or Zoom campaign
  • Treatment-focused campaigns, like a crown tune-up campaign

Which Campaign Would You Automate First?

If saving time and upping your active patient count with automated campaigns makes sense for your practice, let us know.

We can show you how easy it is to automate the type of campaign that you'd like to send in a snap.

Learn more about how RevenueWell improves case acceptance and creates more close-knit relationships between dentists and their patients.