Okay, so if anybody asks — you know your RevenueWell email messages are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, right? Here are some high points for you to remember:

  • Patients can easily unsubscribe from your emails by clicking “Update preferences” in the footer of any email.
  • All prebuilt RevenueWell content is professionally designed and written to pass through the spam filters no problem.

That said, there’s a fair amount of customization you can do to your automatic communications and prebuilt custom campaigns — so you need to make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t make you look like a spammer to spam filters.

One of the first things spam filters look at is your email message’s subject line. Specifically, they’re looking for words that spammers often use to lure the unsuspecting reader into opening their message. Now, we know many of these will seem enticing and even true as far as your campaign is concerned. But believe us, avoiding the following words in the email message subject of your campaign will increase the chance that it’ll land in your patients’ inbox:

1. 100% satisfied16. Guarantee
2. 50% off17. Herbal
3. Affordable18. Hidden
4. Amazing19. Limited Time Offer
5. Avoid20. Lose
6. Best price21. Offer
7. Collect22. One time/ One-time
8. Cost/ No cost23. Only
9. Compare24. Open
10. Credit25. Price
11. Discount26. Remove/ Removes
12. Easy Terms27. Save $
13. For You/ Your Family28. Stop
14. Friend29. Teen
15. Get30. Win/ Winner

Some additional tips:

  • Never start a subject line with a “$” symbol or end it with a number
  • Use sentence case or have each word begin with a capital — don’t USE ALL CAPS, SINCE THAT’LL LOOK LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING. LIKE SPAMMERS DO.
  • Don’t use goofy p.u.n.c.t.u.a.t.i.o.n or g a p s i n y o u r t e x t — it all looks suspicious.
Many spam filters are getting smart about analyzing the content of your message in addition to the subject line to see that your offer/email is actually legit – but many internet service providers aren’t there yet. Using the above guidelines will help you get a better return out of your campaigns. Happy marketing.
By Alex Nozdrin