Text With Your Patients.

RevenueWell Messenger provides a sleek texting experience for better patient communications from your desktop computer. It’s an easy-to-use platform your team and patients will love.

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Eliminate Phone Tag

Stop leaving voicemails that patients may never listen to. Reduce no-shows by sending a text instead.

Reach Patients Faster

Send 10 text messages for every phone call and reduce the amount of time spent on confirming appointments.

Get Quicker Responses

Most text messages are read within five minutes, so it’s no surprise 78% of people say a text is the fastest way to reach them.

Changing the Way You Communicate with Your Patients

Statistics show patients prefer text communications over the phone, and 69% appreciate texts from their dentist. Whether it’s an appointment reminder or follow-up to a recent visit, you can build a better relationship by communicating with patients the way they prefer.

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Universal Access

Protect your personal number. Access RevenueWell Messenger anywhere to look up patient information and send texts from your practice number.

Visible Patient Info

Profile cards provide more meaningful conversations by having relevant information in front of you when patients call or text.


Instant Communication

Screen pop gives you a head start when patients call, while desktop texting from the practice phone number gives the ability to respond in real time from a number they know and trust.*

Personal, Real-Time Messaging

PMS Integration

Integrates with many popular practice management platforms.

Unlimited Texts

Send an unlimited number of texts each month.

 Emoji Friendly

Use emojis to extend the personal touch.

Personalized Texting

Text conversationally via your existing land line number.*

Message History

See your chat history with each patient.

Address Book

Search any patient in your database and start a chat.

Communicate How Patients Prefer

People don’t pick up the phone like they used to. These days texting is so easy to do. Heck, most people love texting and would rather get a text than a call. No wonder it’s the number one communication channel in the US.


Let Patients Know They Can Text You

Let patients know they can text you to schedule an appointment via your website. Not only is texting faster, they can do it wherever, whenever. Your patients will love the convenience, and you’ll be a lot more profitable with a full schedule.


Fall in love with RevenueWell Messenger and start connecting with your patients on a more personal level.

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