Patient Connect TV Dental Office Waiting Room Video Samples

Below are samples of videos you’ll find on Patient Connect TV. From celebrity spotlights to games and trivia, there’s no shortage of content to educate and entertain your patients!

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Celebrity Spotlight

Stars share stories about their own oral health and experiences in the dental chair — often for the first time!

Dental Specific Trivia

Brain-teasers about movies, television, sports, and other subjects — all with a dental focus.


Video content can be provided with or without sound to suit your office environment.

Fun Facts

Quick hits on dentistry that are as visually engaging as they are amusing.


Fun games will keep patients entertained – all while promoting healthy dental habits.

Clinical: Wisdom Teeth

Educational information about wisdom teeth, why we have them, and why removal may be a good option for many patients.

Clinical: Single Tooth Extraction

Overview of partial dentures, bridgework, and dental implants — along with advantages and disadvantages of each.

Clinical: Implants After Previous Extraction

Explanation of dental implant procedures, an option for people with missing teeth.

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