We’re happy you are part of our RevenueWell community! As a trusted partner, we’re dedicated to growing our relationship to the best that it can be. This portal provides resources to support both you and your clients.


Become A RevenueWell Partner

At RevenueWell, our mission is to help doctors build better, more connected relationships with their patients and communities. We partner with professionals and organizations who share our passion for helping dental practices succeed with attractive benefits for both our partners and the clients they serve. If you have a desire to help practices solve the marketing challenge, let’s set up a call to discuss alignment and get started!

Become A Partner

What Is The Process?

Introductory Call

The first step is an introductory call with one of our affiliate managers. You’ll discuss goals, confirm alignment, and set expectations for the partnership ahead.

Onboarding & Training

Your affiliate manager will guide you through an onboarding and training sequence to make sure you are comfortable with both the product and the process.   


As a trusted partner, you receive an attractive compensation model for yourself, or a gift to offer your client.

Ongoing Support

We’re dedicated to providing the highest level of support. Our team will be here for you and your clients each step of the way. Just call (847) 597-1745 or reach out to our partner team at partners@revenuewell.com

Who Do We Partner With?

Affiliate Partners

The Affiliate Partner aligns strategically within the broad, yet connected, world of dentistry. Whether you’re a dental coach/consultant, SEO strategist, credit provider, web designer, marketing expert, or IT specialist, chances are doctors depend on you to bring new technologies and solutions into their practice. RevenueWell’s Affiliate Partner Program is structured to provide a balanced, healthy partnership, and offers value-added propositions, a referral fee, and sponsorship assistance upon approval.


Is your customer base in need of an advanced patient engagement and practice marketing solution? Do you have great relationships with your doctors, and know how to motivate them to look at new technology? Are you ready to really dig in, train your sales team, and go after this together? The Reseller Partnership track will grow your business with a recurring revenue stream that accelerates as you go.

Industry Influencers

If your business is to educate doctors and teams, our Partner Program has support resources for you. RevenueWell will help expand your reach, so you can be out doing what you do best.

Refer A Practice

Getting a practice started with RevenueWell is as easy. When they’re interested in learning more, just let us know. We’ll take care of everything from the demo to installation and training, keeping you in the loop each step of the way!


Tell Them About RevenueWell

When a practice you’re working with would benefit from a patient communications system that saves time and increases efficiency and production, then let them know about RevenueWell!


Submit Your Referral

Let us know . We’ll reach out and schedule a demo. If you’d prefer that we just send them information on your behalf, indicate that on the form.


Installation & Training

When the office is ready to proceed, we will schedule the installation and their initial training.


Submit A Referral

Partner Support Resources

We’re grateful for your partnership and want to see you and your practices succeed. From downloadable resources to ongoing training, we are here for you!

Need Assistance?

We’ve got your back. Let us know what support you or your client needs and we will reach out. If you need to speak to someone immediately, please call (847) 597-1745.

Request Support



Partner Collateral & Resources

Information and downloadable collateral to help you share our solutions to your clients.

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Join Our Facebook Group

RevenueWell Rockstars is a private Facebook group that provides tips and support for our community of partners and super users.

Join The Group

Sponsorship Assistance

If you are an educator or industry influencer with an opportunity to represent RevenueWell at an event, let us know.

Sponsorship Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I reach out to if I need assistance?

We are here to help! Call our Customer Success Team at (847) 597-1745 or click here to submit your support request and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

How can I share my expertise with the RevenueWell community?

We have a number of opportunities, from webinars to eBooks, for our partners to share their knowledge with the RevenueWell community. If you have an idea or are interested in learning more, please let us know!

What if I have not received payment for a client that I referred to RevenueWell?

Referral payments are sent after the practice’s subscription is live for at least one month. If you believe there has been an error, please let us know and a member of our partner team will be in touch.

What kind of support can I expect from RevenueWell?

We’re here to support you every step of the way! If you have a prospective customer who is interested in learning more, simply let us know and we will reach out. We provide the demo, the training and all of the support that they will need to thrive with RevenueWell.

How can I get additional training?

We are happy to give you as much training as you need. Reach out to our Partner Team and we will schedule time.  We also have training videos available to watch at your leisure in our Help Center. If you have a client that needs support, you can call our support team at (847) 597-1745 or click here to submit your support request and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

How will I be informed of product updates?

Watch for our emails. We keep you in the know with product updates, new releases and helpful tips to maximize our platform. You can also find information in our Partner Collateral & Resources section.