Your waiting room TV can be a great resource to educate patients on the treatments and products your practice provides.

Picture your waiting room as a blank slate with the TV as its moderator. As your TV programming goes, so too does the vibe of your office.

Have CNN or Fox News on? Your waiting room is now a pulpit for heated political discussions. Nickelodeon on the waiting room TV? Your office is now a fun house perfect for kids, though not so much the older crowd.

But how about a classroom? What if we used that blank slate as a platform to educate patients?

We only have a finite amount of time to get our messaging across, so why not capitalize on every single second afforded to us!

Research suggests that patients, on average, spend roughly 14 minutes sitting in the waiting room. If your waiting room TV is set up to educate, that means you have an extra quarter of an hour to suggest treatments and products.

And remember, this is before the patient even speaks at length with the doctor or staff!

ADA TV dental education videos for waiting rooms enables you to customize content for the patients you’ll be treating at any given time.

4 Ways Waiting Room TV Increases Patient Satisfaction

Your waiting room TV will prime the pump for future discussions with the doctor. It becomes another advocate within your practice without taking time away from your staff’s already busy schedule!

Moreover, an educational waiting room TV simply makes patients feel better. It enhances their moods by exercising their brains.

They know more about their treatment. They understand what kind of work is being done, or what they need to do to increase their health. And while they may not spend a moment’s notice thinking about their teeth outside of your office, the helpful television in your waiting room delivered information they may have never considered.

The doctor only has so much time to spend with each patient, so enable your waiting room to become an extension of their voice.

Happier, more knowledgeable patients? A staff that doesn’t have to alter its workflow one bit? An increased bottom line? All by simply reprogramming the waiting room TV?

That’s a win for everyone!

RevenueWell recently introduced Patient Connect TV, a waiting room communications service designed specifically for dental waiting rooms. Patient Connect TV transforms your patient’s waiting room experience. Learn more, and snag a 15-minute demo today.

By RevenueWell
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