During a normal week there’s a lot happening at RevenueWell. And now, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have kicked things into overdrive.

Our entire team has quickly banded together to provide you, our incredible customers, with more tools to help you reach your patients.

In order to keep you posted on all our new items, we’ve created this running list. We will continue to update this as new features are added to RevenueWell.

Please be safe out there, and let us know ways you feel we can continue to serve you and your community.

Product Updates – April 1

New COVID-19 Campaign

There is a new campaign in the COVID-19 category for practices to inform patients that they now offer teledentistry.

New Announcement Campaign

There is a new campaign in the Announcements category for practices celebrate with patients over their new teledentistry services.

New Social Media Library Posts

There are two new posts in the Social Media Library alerting patients to new teledentistry services. They reside in the COVID-19 and Office Technology sections.

Product Updates – March 29

Virtual Visits are Now Available

RevenueWell is pleased to announce that its teledentistry solution, Virtual Visits, is now available to all customers. Virtual Visits enables practices to safely provide remote treatment and consolations to patients through their RevenueWell portal. At this time, Virtual Visits is free to all customers as we all work to get through the COVID-19 pandemic together.

You can learn more about Virtual Visits here.

Product Updates – March 26

New COVID-19 Social Media Posts

Your Social Media Library has been updated with new posts focusing on mental health and wellness, and working from home.

New COVID-19 Campaigns

The following campaigns have been added to your COVID-19 library:

  • Oral health resources for adults
  • Oral health resources for kids
  • Mental health and wellness resources

Product Updates – March 21

WebPhone Is Now Available

WebPhone gives you a way to make and receive calls from the RevenueWell practice portal on your computer. As of its release date, WebPhone is included in all RevenueWell subscriptions for free so practices can continue delivering exemplary patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read more about WebPhone, including how to start using it, in the two links below:

Product Updates – March 20

COMING SOON: Introducing WebPhone

Staying connected with your patients is more important than ever, and this new feature will enable you to call out to and receive calls from patients directly within the Revenuewell platform. This will be releasing soon, so check back to this blog or wait for our official announcement when it’s live.

COVID-19 Campaign Templates

Three new campaigns have been added to the COVID-19 category:

  • Prevention and preparation resources for patients
  • Updated office procedures as you remain open
  • Updated office hours during this time

Product Updates – March 19

RevenueWell App – Text Messaging for iOS

We have updated the iOS version of our RevenueWell app to include RevenueWell Messenger. To download, click here. We will update you once this feature is available on the Android app.

COVID-19 Campaign Templates

Under the Campaigns tab you will find new templates for COVID-19 communication. Simply click “Create Campaign” > Campaign Type > COVID-19. All templates are customizable to incorporate your practices unique information.

Custom Campaign Text Messages – Unlimited Character Count

Custom campaign text messages now have unlimited character counts (up from 160). To create a Custom Campaign text message, check out these step-by-step instructions. Texts are a good supplement to your Custom Campaign emails.

COVID-19 Social Media Posts

New social media posts, specific to COVID-19, have been added to the Social Media tab. To post to your Facebook feed, visit Social Media > Compose from Library > COVID-19.

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