The RevenueWell team is constantly listening to our incredible customers, and working to equip you with more tools to help reach your patients.

In order to keep you posted on all our new items, we’ve created this running list. We will continue to update this as new features are added to RevenueWell.

Enhanced Campaign Filters Now Available

December 8, 2020

RevenueWell is excited to provide you with new, custom campaign filters, to help you target your patients based on patient balance, pre-med requirements, custom PMS codes, and appointment type. Read on to learn more, or visit our Help Center for further information.

Patient Balance

Send emails to remind patients to pay off their remaining balances, especially by the end of the year! Within your advanced options of customer campaigns, you now have the ability to filter by patient balance. You can even filter by the total family balance which sums up all balances of a particular family group.  




Please note: Currently, PMSs that support the Balance filter include Denticon, Dentrix Enterprise, Eaglesoft, Eddson, Open Dental, and Practice Works. It does not support Dentrix at this time but will in the future.

Pre-Med Requirement

Target your patients with pre-med requirements to ensure they are prepared for pre-appointment needs and requirements.  

Within your Advanced Options of custom campaigns, there is now a section for “Pre-Med Options.” You can select between Pre-Med, No Pre-Med, and All Patients. As a reminder, the default when using this filter is All Patients.  

The best part: when clicking “Update Results” you will see an estimate of the campaign summary data of email recipients, text recipients, and direct mail recipients, plus an estimate cost for direct mail.  

 Please note: Currently, PMSs that support Pre-Med include Eaglesoft, Eddson, Open Dental, and Practice Works, but does not support Dentrix. 

Custom PMS Codes

Every dental practice has unique ways of managing codes for specific procedures and services, especially those that do not have a corresponding ADA code. Now, you can build a campaign based off your custom code!  


Custom codes will only appear if they exist and are supported by your PMS and will appear below the ADA codes.  

Custom codes are only available for practice portal currently 

Ready to create a campaign using custom codes? Click here for details.  

Appointment Types

Are you trying to create a campaign based off appointment type to drive new appointments specific to a procedure or service? Now you can! Under “Basic Options” of custom campaigns, there is now a section for “Appointment Type” that allows you to build a filter based on whatever appointments you would like to include.  

And, as with Pre-Med Requirements, you’ll be able to see campaign summary and direct mail estimate costs when you click “Update Results.”  




To learn more about how to use “Appointment Types”, click here 

RevenueWell Now Integrates With CareCredit

August 25, 2020

RevenueWell now offers viability into which of your patients currently have CareCredit accounts and those patients who are pre-approved for the CareCredit credit card!

This partnership allows you to help support your patients in paying for their procedures – while ensuring you get paid immediately! This integration is part of your Marketing Platform subscription.

How to Connect to CareCredit?
In three simple steps, you can connect your Marketing Platform with CareCredit.

Login into your RevenueWell portal

Navigate to practice settings and click on CareCredit link on the left menu option

Then, you will be able to activate – enter your practice’s merchant ID number and practice code. Your merchant ID number can be located on your CareCredit terminal or in your CareCredit welcome kit. The practice code can be found on the practice’s welcome letter or can be obtained by calling us or CareCredit at 1-800-859-9975.

Once connected, the Quick Screen toggle must be enabled for CareCredit statuses to be displayed. For more details, check out our help center article!

Online Scheduling Now Available!

August 17, 2020

Online Scheduling is now in beta!

Did you know it can take upwards of 8 minutes to manually schedule a single patient appointment? Imagine what you can now do with all of that time back!

The Online Scheduling feature allows your patients to select the reason for their appointment request, and then determine a time based on your set availability within the platform – without your patients having to call your front desk. You can then approve the appointment request or provide updated availability based on your doctor’s schedule.

Online Scheduling Appointment    Pick an appointment

This feature will continue to be enhanced in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for more updates. To activate Online Scheduling, check out this quick video.

This feature is currently in beta format. As a current customer, participation in the beta release of Online Scheduling is complimentary. It is subject to become a stand-alone product with an additional fee at a later date. You will receive notice upon any changes. For new customers, request a demo to find out how you can participate.

RevenueWell Phone Call History Enhancement Complete

July 27, 2020

RevenueWell Phone now showcases your call history in a simplified tab.

We know how busy you are, especially now that practices are opening up. Take the worry out of not knowing who is on the other line and easily follow up with your missed calls. Keep your patients happy and healthy using this feature enhancement. You can also see a history of outbound calls made, making it easier to track if you followed up with a patient.

With this enhancement, you’ll have access to a log that showcases caller name, date/time, and if it’s an inbound call, outbound, or missed.

Phone History Log

To incorporate this new enhancement, be sure that at least one of your users in the practice connects your Jive credentials to RevenueWell Phone and Messenger 

RevenueWell Forms Now Sync with Dentrix

June 29, 2020

Did you know that RevenueWell Forms now sync with Dentrix Practice Management System G7.2 and above? Save time and manual overhead while simplifying patient intake.

With this update, patient information automatically syncs into your PMS, while other forms save into your Dentrix Document Center.

Remotely Send Patient Forms with RevenueWell Forms

June 1, 2020

RevenueWell Forms now gives you more flexibility with treatment plan presentation and acceptance!

Previously, the RW Printer feature in RevenueWell Forms enabled you to print any document to your office tablet for the patient to review and sign. With this latest enhancement, you can now directly send the form in emails and text messages, or copy the link to use in any documents of your choosing.

With this new enhancement, you can:

  • Insert a treatment plan acceptance question directly into the form for your patient to accept or reject treatment, and have that record on file
  • Directly send the patient form over email
  • Copy the link to the clipboard to be sent via text message or inserted into other documents

Visit our Help Center doc to learn more.

RevenueWell Forms Include ADA COVID-19 Screening Forms

May 13

In order to help practices keep their patients and team safe, we have included COVID-19 screening forms as part of RevenueWell Forms. This feature is immediately available for all current customers.

Other notes on this new feature include:

  • The form will be called the ADA COVID Patient Screening Form
  • The form will be placed into every Forms customer’s account as a Custom Form that is editable
  • Practices can toggle whether or not they want to give this new form to patients

revenuewell covid-19 patient screening form

Introducing PatientConnect365 Mobile App for iOS and Android

May 6

Browsers can be finicky, and as a result they may not give your patient the best teledentistry experience when performing a Virtual Visit.

We understand that you would rather be providing exceptional patient care than having to provide technical support, which is why we launched the PatientConnect365 mobile app.

This new mobile app will enhance your patient’s virtual experience by giving them an app experience.

How will patients use the app?

The experience and patient flow is identical for Virtual Visits whether in the browser or in the app.

Patients simply launch the app, enter the Room ID in the Virtual Visit lobby, and they’re in.

Do I have to tell my patient to download the app?


RevenueWell will automatically notify patients that an app is available, and we will direct them to the appropriate app store to download.

Send Individual RevenueWell Forms!

May 1

You can now send individual forms to your patients with RevenueWell Forms!

This feature comes in handy when a patient has only one outstanding form, or if you have a new form for all patients to fill out (ex. COVID-19 screening forms).

Best of all, sending a single form is as easy as copying a link! Each form has its own “Copy Link” option in the Forms settings section. Click that and then paste it into your emails and texts with patients!


COVID-19 Reopening Campaign

April 29

This new campaign let you inform all patients that your practice has reopened. The campaign also gives room to share new policies/procedures your office may now require to ensure patient safety.

COVID-19 Reopening Social Media Post

April 24

As restrictions on elective services begin to lift, you can now let patients know when your office has reopened. This post is in the “COVID-19” section of the Social Media Library.

Video History in Virtual Visits

April 17

We will soon provide a history of your video calls through Virtual Visits. This new feature enables you to have better record keeping on the video calls you are having between you and your patients. And yes, sometimes accidents happen. You may inadvertently leave a video session with your patient. This new feature is a quick and easy way to jump back into that call without having to go through the motions of setting up another session.

View Your Schedules by Provider

April 15

Have several providers and want to see all their schedules at once? We’ve got you covered!

RevenueWell practices can now view their scheduling calendar by operatory or by doctor and hygienist — whatever works best for you.

With the new provider scheduling view, you can:

  • See a full calendar overview of all your team’s treatment schedules
  • Arrange and hide people from the calendar view
  • Click in to a specific provider to get a comprehensive look at their individual schedule

WebPhone Just Got Better With Voicemail!

April 14

WebPhone Voicemail gives you the ability to greet patients with a customizable greeting in the event your practice is unable to answer a call. And best of all, it’s all housed inside of the RevenueWell platform, making for fast and efficient followup.

To help you better manage your patient calls, we’ve made it easy to setup, manage, and listen to your patient voicemails:

  • Control your settings with a simple on/off toggle button
  • Easily customize your Voicemail greeting, or use our default message
  • Quickly access your voicemail with the click of a button
  • Never miss a voicemail from your patients with a notification alert


webphone voicemail revenuewell

See Operatory Schedules in Calendar View

April 5

Practices can now see their operatory schedule in a calendar view to better manage appointments.

With this new feature, practices can:

  • Set up a calendar for every operatory
  • Select a specific operatory for a more detailed view
  • Show, hide, and rearrange operatories in a list
  • Click into a scheduled appointment for a more detailed look at patient/appointment info

This is currently available on the desktop version of RevenueWell.

RevenueWell App — Text Messaging for Android

April 3

We put Messenger on the go by launching a mobile app version. RevenueWell customers can now enjoy the convenience of texting with their patients when they may not have direct access to their desktop.

Android users can download the RevenueWell App here.

New COVID-19 Campaign

April 1

There is a new campaign in the COVID-19 category for practices to inform patients that they now offer teledentistry.

New Announcement Campaign

April 1

There is a new campaign in the Announcements category for practices celebrate with patients over their new teledentistry services.

New Social Media Library Posts

April 1

There are two new posts in the Social Media Library alerting patients to new teledentistry services. They reside in the COVID-19 and Office Technology sections.

Now Available: Virtual Visits

March 29

RevenueWell is pleased to announce that its teledentistry solution, Virtual Visits, is now available to all customers. Virtual Visits enables practices to safely provide remote treatment and consolations to patients through their RevenueWell portal.

At this time, Virtual Visits is free to all customers as we all work to get through the COVID-19 pandemic together.

You can learn more about Virtual Visits here.


New COVID-19 Social Media Posts

March 26

The Social Media Library has been updated with new posts focusing on mental health and wellness, and working from home.

New COVID-19 Custom Campaigns

March 26

The following campaigns have been added to the COVID-19 library:

  • Oral health resources for adults
  • Oral health resources for kids
  • Mental health and wellness resources

Now Available: WebPhone

March 21

WebPhone gives you a way to make and receive calls from the RevenueWell practice portal on your computer. As of its release date, WebPhone is included in all RevenueWell subscriptions for free so practices can continue delivering exemplary patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read more about WebPhone, including how to start using it, in the two links below:

New COVID-19 Custom Campaigns

March 20

Three new campaigns have been added to the COVID-19 category:

  • Prevention and preparation resources for patients
  • Updated office procedures as you remain open
  • Updated office hours during this time

RevenueWell App — Text Messaging for iOS

March 19

We have updated the iOS version of our RevenueWell app to include RevenueWell Messenger. To download, click here. We will update you once this feature is available on the Android app.

New COVID-19 Campaign Templates

March 19

Under the Campaigns tab you will find new templates for COVID-19 communication. Simply click “Create Campaign” > Campaign Type > COVID-19. All templates are customizable to incorporate your practices unique information.

Campaign Text Messages – Unlimited Characters

March 19

Custom campaign text messages now have unlimited character counts (up from 160). To create a Custom Campaign text message, check out these step-by-step instructions. Texts are a good supplement to your Custom Campaign emails.

New COVID-19 Social Media Posts

March 19

New social media posts, specific to COVID-19, have been added to the Social Media tab. To post to your Facebook feed, visit Social Media > Compose from Library > COVID-19.

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