In this webinar, Jordon Comstock, founder of BoomCloud, shows us how in-house dental memberships create a reliable revenue stream without the headaches of PPOs!

These days, PPOs come with a lot of downsides, like low reimbursement and tiring administrative work. These may even have you wondering what other revenue streams exist.

Luckily, a practice-friendly alternative is emerging – in-house dental memberships. This creative program reduces your practice’s PPO dependence, leads to predictable revenue, and builds a loyal uninsured-patient base

Intriguing, right?! So how do you start one? And what do you need to consider beforehand?

Well, put the headphones on or huddle the team up for a lunch-and-learn, and get all the deets with this webinar!

What You’ll Learn

Host Jordon Comstock walks through how in-house dental memberships work, using examples and stats to show why a membership program makes sense nowadays. He also shares tips to ease an office’s transition to a membership program.

By tuning in to the webinar, you’ll find the answers to some of the most common questions about memberships, like:

  • What is an in-house membership program, and how can it benefit my practice?
  • How do I set up a program for my practice?
  • What are the strategies and tactics my practice can employ to grow a program?
  • What have successful practices done to drop PPOs and build their own program?

Enjoy the Practice Perfect webinar below, and get ready to see that revenue stream widen!

Webinar: Cut PPO Reliance with In-House Memberships


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