In this webinar on phone skills, Poppe Practice Management CEO Genevieve Poppe explains why, when talking with patients, it’s more important to know how to feel than it is to what to say.

How does your practice treat phone calls? Are they an unfortunate necessity or the way to truly connect with patients on a deeper level? The fact of the matter is, the person (or people) who handles phone calls in your practice is often the face (and voice) of your practice. And they’re the first to engage new patients.

What You’ll Learn

In this enlightening webinar, practice consultant Genevieve Poppe shows how, with a little team training, your phone can turn into a full-throttle patient acquisition tool. Here are some of the topics Genevieve covers:

  • The importance of “tell me” statements
  • How to engage patients in truly meaningful conversations
  • Just how long you should stay on the phone with a new patient
  • Ensuring patients on the phone are set up with the right appointment
  • What to do if a patient on the phone is just price shopping

Below is the Practice Perfect webinar on how proper phone skills can dramatically impact the amount of new patients your practice brings in.

Phone Skills Webinar

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