It’s time to transform your waiting room with Patient Connect TV, the latest feature from RevenueWell.

Well hello there! You’ve caught us at a very interesting time here at RevenueWell, considering we have this product called Patient Connect TV, and, well, it’s pretty awesome. A waiting room television plug-in, it will truly transform your practice’s waiting room experience.

Choose educational and entertaining content that best matches your practice offerings. Showcase your social feeds, highlight patient reviews, and upload custom content for patients to watch while in the waiting room.

Here are some ways Patient Connect TV will enhance your total office experience.

Showcase Your Practice

Have an awesome social media feed? Stream it on Patient Connect TV!

Are you a 5-star practice on every review site across the web? Let patients know they’re in great company by showing these reviews on your waiting room television!

Or how about a fun, personal greeting from the doctor or virtual tour of the office? Yup, you can showcase that as well, and connect with patients from the moment they step foot in your practice!

Improve Case Acceptance

Help patients understand why they need that new dental veneer or crown. Even better: explain why you’re the best at delivering this service.

Promote Elective Treatments

Dental education videos for waiting rooms can help patients better understand the available treatments. People fear the unknown – educate them and they’ll feel more confident in making decisions about their oral care.

Shorten Perceived Waiting Time

Entertaining videos take patients’ minds off how long they’ve been waiting to see the doctor, leading to higher patient satisfaction and positive online reviews.

Reduce Patient Anxiety

Eliminate the anxiety that comes with a visit to the doctor. Fun games, trivia, and celebrity videos will help patients relax as they wait to be called.

Integrate With RevenueWell

By integrating with RevenueWell, Patient Connect TV creates a seamless patient experience. From that first reminder to when they walk in the office to the time they check out, your patients will receive a completely personalized experience.

It’s time to reimagine just how valuable your waiting room can be!

Learn more about how Patient Connect TV can transform your waiting room, and get a 15-minute demo today!

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By RevenueWell
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