June 2022 Product Release Notes

RevenueWell Insights

The RevenueWell Insights tool keeps getting better! This month’s release includes data updates and an integration with RevenueWell Phone.  

What’s been added:

  • Unaccepted treatments list
    Easily find your patients with unaccepted treatments! Enjoy the texting & phone integration to quickly get in touch or focus your efforts on the top opportunities. Our new Estimated Value algorithm ranks them based on acceptance likelihood and potential fees. You can even search by treatment category, like crowns, to help fill holes in the schedule.
  • Quickly call and/or text from a patient list
    We’ve integrated Messenger and our new Phone solution with the new patient lists so you can quickly call and/or text patients who no showed or have an unscheduled treatment.

What’s been improved:

  • Month-to-date indicators
    Insights show you a month-to-month KPIs comparison. Some metrics like New Patients Count didn’t paint a full picture because it compared a partial month to a full month. Now it compares your progress to where it was at this point to the month prior. Check it out here.