Fred Joyal joins RevenueWell for a webinar to discuss how practices can drive up revenue by simply dialing in and focusing on the details of their daily activities.

When Fred Joyal gets on a roll about all the great things dental practices can do for their patients, it’s hard to slow him down.

And our webinar with him was no different!

Over the course of 60+ minutes, Fred plowed through topics ranging from staffing to advertising to customer service to training.

The main takeaway from this webinar with Fred Joyal: people make decisions based on emotion. When you understand this and cater to your patients’ emotions, your dental practice will thrive.

What You’ll Learn

There’s a ton to unpack in this webinar. Because of that, it’s a great one to bookmark and share with the team.

When catering to patients’ emotions, sometimes the biggest hurdle is knowing where to start. Below are some areas to concentrate on, as you really dig into the details of your practice.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What details of delight are, and why patients love them
  • Whether it’s more important to revamp the front of your office or back
  • The two pillars that success is built upon
  • Why the perception of experience comes with likability

Enjoy the Practice Perfect webinar below!

Webinar: It’s All About the Details

Learn more about how RevenueWell improves case acceptance and creates more close-knit relationships between dentists and their patients.

By RevenueWell
Founded in 2010, RevenueWell enables dental practices to manage patient engagement, patient relationships, online practice reputation and appointment reminders. The company also offers desktop two-way texting, VoIP phones, electronic patient intake forms, and an enterprise management dashboard that allows group practices and dental service organizations to manage their portfolios. RevenueWell’s product suite and integration with the leading practice management software providers help reduce manual labor by automating and facilitating patient contact and patient interactions, which lead to strong ROI for its dental office customers.