Common Labor Mistakes You're Likely Committing

How tight is your dental office compliance? In this webinar, the Productive Dentist Academy's Director of Learning Systems and Practice Management, Dana Salisbury shares common labor mistakes that happen in many dental practices.

Dental office compliance.

It's not the sexiest topic.

It's not something that gets most people out of bed in the morning.

But it's but it's one that'll keep you out of jail.

In this webinar, Dana Salisbury of Productive Dentist Academy does what she does best: chance the way dental practices view compliance.

From job postings to I-9s, Dana breaks down everything you should do when hiring new team members. More importantly, she also discusses things you should not do when hiring new team members — along with why you shouldn't do these practices.

What You’ll Learn

Wondering if your dental practice's compliance is in order?

Need some tips on hiring best practices?

This webinar is for you!

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why hiring from outside the field of dentistry can improve your systems
  • Whether to classify employees as exempt or non-exempt
  • The best practices for collecting and storing I-9 documentation
  • If dental practices should hold working interviews

Enjoy the Practice Perfect webinar below!

Webinar: Common Labor Mistakes

Common Dental Office Compliance Mistakes You're Likely Committing

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