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We help doctors build better, more connected relationships with their patients and communities.

Who Partners with RevenueWell?

At RevenueWell, we partner with diverse people and organizations that share our mission and our passion for helping dental practices succeed. If you have a following (or a customer base) and want to help your clients solve the marketing challenge, we should talk. Below are some well-established partner tracks we have with RevenueWell. Not sure where you fit? Just get in touch.

Affiliate Partners

Are you a practice consultant, an SEO strategist, or an IT provider? Do you build your doctors’ websites or do their books? Chances are, they depend on you to bring new technologies and solutions into their practice. The Affiliate Partner track lets you refer your customers to RevenueWell in exchange for an Affiliate Reward or a service credit for your client.

Industry Speakers

If you’ve made it your business to educate doctors and staff in your area of expertise, this track is for you. RevenueWell can help you augment your story, expand your reach and provide sponsorship support so you can be out doing what you do best.


Do you have a large customer base that’s been asking for an advanced practice marketing solution? Do you have great relationships with your doctors, and know how to motivate them to look at new technology? Are you ready to really dig in, get your sales team trained and go after this market together? The Reseller partnership track can be demanding, but it’s a great way to grow your business with a recurring revenue stream that accelerates as you go.

Why work with Us?

Earn Great Commissions
Whether you’re solo consultant that introduces us to a few practices a month or a nationwide outfit that really goes after this business, we’ll put you into a commission structure that will make the partnership worthwhile.

Differentiate Yourself
For many of our partners, RevenueWell becomes a big source of competitive advantage. From helping you deliver a more complete offering to helping you get in the door with new prospects, working with RevenueWell can truly make you stand out.

Grow Your Customer Base
Have a great product or service? We’ll help you showcase it to thousands of RevenueWell customers around the country. There are many ways to get the word out, so let’s put our heads together!

Round Out Your Product Portfolio
If you’re like many of our partners, RevenueWell can be a natural extension of your core offering, or a way to execute on the practice growth strategies you’ve helped your customers develop. We’d love to share some stories and ideas for what you could do, so get in touch!

Help Your Customers Succeed
This will always be at the heart of everything we do. Thriving dental offices make amazing customers who spend more with you. Nobody is better at helping a practice grow than RevenueWell – and we’d love a chance to prove this to you.

Enjoy Amazing Training & Support
Do you want to run with RevenueWell all by yourself? Or, have RevenueWell work with your customers and keep you in the loop? We’ll get you all the training and sales support you need no matter your goals or your style.

Join the Industry’s Best Minds and Companies

Some amazing speakers & educators

Dr. Tarun Agarwal

Teaches practices to drive growth with 3D technology.

Dr. Paul Caselle

Helps doctors discover the newest, cutting-edge dental technology.

Laura Hatch

Front office training rock star.

Kevin Henry

An advocate of the dental auxiliary staff.

Bonnie Hixson

Owner & Publisher of The Progressive Dentist Magazine.

Dana Moss

Helps build profitable PPO practices without sacrificing quality of care.

Dr. Roy Shelbourne

Coaches doctors and staff on ways to prevent dental fraud.

Andre Shirdan

Creator of the CREW Process.

Some of our incredible affiliate partners


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